25 June, 2020

A discussion on Australia's economic recovery with Professor Warren Hogan

Jarden Board Member and Triple T Consulting Managing Director Sean Keane recently hosted a discussion with Professor Warren Hogan.

Professor Hogan shared views and research on the emerging recovery in the Australian economy, and his expectation of a ‘W’-shaped economic path, rather than a ‘V’ in the near term. He discussed the main economic and financial risks to recovery and some of the policy challenges that Australian governments will need to address, in order to reinvigorate a strong economic expansion.  Professor Hogan also discussed parallels between the Australian and NZ economies and shared views about real unemployment, the morality of negative interest rates and the likely consequences of inflation on a debt-encumbered economy.  

View the recording of this insightful session here, using the password: 5q^69=12

We apologise for the sound quality between minutes 2:21 to 3:33 of the presentation.

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Investment Psychology

28 May, 2020

The foundation for successful investment is being aware of behavioural biases and controlling these, setting realistic investment objectives and having an appropriate asset allocation to achieve those objectives.