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Our expert dealers are your strategic partners in navigating the sophisticated energy, renewables and agriculture markets. We provide comprehensive insights and market access to help you with hedging, futures and risk mitigation, and deliver seamless execution and specialised daily reports. With dedicated dealers based in Sydney, we have extensive experience across Australasia and beyond.



  • Monitor live market pricing for ACCUs
  • Get market insights, analysis and data



Our experienced broking desk connects you with all major listed commodity markets, and provides support to help you manage pricing risks or navigate futures and options contracts. We provide full reporting, including open positions and end-of-day balances for enhanced efficiency and transparency.

24/5 support

Commodity markets can move fast. To make the most of pricing movements, you need access to any market at any time. As a Jarden client, you have the support of a 24/5-hour dealing desk. You can speak to an experienced market professional any time from 7am Monday until the New York markets close on Saturday morning. It’s all part of our commitment to help you achieve your investment goals.


We provide expertise in liquidity in the energy and gas markets. Jarden is active in both exchange-traded and over-the-counter markets. Jarden trades a variety of energy products including spot investments, futures, options, caps and OTC swaps, across Australia and New Zealand and the US and Singapore markets.



We have extensive expertise and full capabilities in carbon and renewable energy trading. We’re a spot and forward carbon broker and we also deal as principal in the OTC markets, with extensive experience in Australia and other markets, including New Zealand and Europe. With our understanding of domestic and international policy, we can assist with all aspects of transactions and hedging strategies.


Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs)

Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs)

New Zealand Units (NZUs) (Trading facilitated by our related company Jarden Securities Limited)

European carbon (EUAs)

Offset markets (CERs)

Voluntary carbon markets (VERs)


We offer our clients industry insights and market access to help them manage risk in the local and global dairy markets, supporting both upstream and downstream client segments. Whether you’re a local farmer looking to manage price risk, an exporter keen to hedge against falling prices, or a manufacturer/distributor wanting to mitigate rising prices, Jarden can help.

Jarden also arranges the trading of grains on the ASX.


Whole milk powder

Skim milk powder

Anhydrous milk fat

Global butter

Milk price

ASX products traded

Eastern Australian Wheat

Western Australian Wheat

Eastern Australia Feed Barley

Australian Sorghum

Eastern Australia Canola

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